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Aranda, Vanda, Ascocentrums & Related Genera

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 Aranda, Vanda, Ascocentrums & Related Genera

Orchid growers that wish to grow vandas must first determine that they will be able to provide adequate light and warmth.

Vanda and related genera are high light orchids. They will need a minimum of four (4) to six (6) hours of direct sun per day. The ideal position is in a south or south east window without any obstructions, such as trees, overhangs and awnings.

Vandaceous orchids enjoy being summered outdoors in an area where they will be shaded from direct noon sun. Before summering any plant outdoors you must slowly acclimate it to the sun.. First place the plant in total shade. Then introduce only filtered sun before exposing it to full sun. This process should take several days. Summering a hydroponic orchid outdoors means drilling a low overflow hole in the side wall of the outer pot about 1/2" up from the bottom.

Vandas are gross feeders, which means they enjoy continuous feed, but like all orchids are intolerant of high salt content in their medium. It is very important that they are flushed or leached at least once a month with warm running water through the root zone. This will remove a build up of mineral salts. You may leave your vanda dry for several days before watering again with the nutrient solution. This will provide the root zone with optimum oxygen.

Mix the nutrient solution as per packet directions. You may store the nutrient in a gallon plastic bottle to be used when ever it is time to water your plant. It is best to keep it at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Pour the nutrient slowly into the clay pebbles next to the water level indicator. Water until the indicator reads about half way between the "min" and "opt" level. Always be sure there is not water in the outside pot before watering again.

Almost all vandaceous orchids are warmth loving orchids. They will tolerate night temperatures as low as 60F with day temperatures as warm as it may get as long as there is good air circulation.


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