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Cattleya Culture in Hydroculture

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The cattleya alliance is native to the Americas. Most of the ornamental species come from Central and South America. Cattleya, Laelia, Sophronitis, Brassavola and Broughtonia are the genera which make up most modern hybrids with abbreviated names such as: Lc.,Slc., Blc., etc.

Cattleya and related genera are high light orchids. They will need a minimum of four (4) to six (6) hours of direct sun per day. The ideal position is in a south or southeast window without any obstructions; such as trees, overhangs and awnings. The compact and miniature varieties will grow well in a light garden using "full spectrum" grow lights which should be on for fourteen (14) to sixteen (16) hours per day.

Average winter night temperatures should range from 55F to 62F. Winter day temperatures should range from 68F to 80F.

Growing your orchid in a hydroponic planter takes all the guess work out of when to water and how much. Water only when there is no water left in the outside pot. It is all right to leave your orchid dry for as couple of days before watering. The clay aggregate will retain moisture even when the outside pot is dry.

Mix the nutrient solution as per packet directions. You may store the nutrient in a gallon plastic bottle to be used when ever it is time to water your plant. It is best to keep it at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Pour the nutrient slowly into the clay pebbles next to the water level indicator. Water until the indicator reads about half way between the "min" and "opt" level. Always be sure there is no water in the outside pot before watering again.

Once a month separate the culture pot from the outer pot and run warm tap water through the clay pebbles and over the foliage to remove any dust and mineral salts that will accumulate in the root zone. Return the culture pot to the outer pot. Do not water until the following day to provide maximum oxygen to the root zone.


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