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Oncidium Culture in hydroculture

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Oncidiums are native to the tropical Americas and stretch from southern Florida to Southern Brazil. They are a very diverse genera of orchids. Their individual culture is dependent on their native regions.

Most oncidiums grow well with night temperatures of 55F to 62F and day temperatures of 70F to 80F. They are intermediate in temperature range. They will tolerate summer heat provided they have good ventilation.

Oncidiums that have tender thin foliage require bright light with some filtered or dappled sun. Their root zones are fine and they have small pseudo bulbs. Do not allow them to remain dry between watering.

Another variety of oncidium is called the mule ear variety. It has very thick leathery foliage in the shape of a mules ear. It requires direct sun for a minimum of four (4) to six (6) hours per day. This variety enjoys going very dry between watering.

The equitant oncidium is a small compact plant with thick fleshy foliage that grows in a fan shape. It requires filtered sun for about four (4) hours per day. The roots of the equitant are very fine and the plant does not have any pseudo bulbs. It will require more frequent watering and does not like to stay dry for any length of time. The equitant oncidium will bloom for many months out of the year. When all of the blooms are spent do not cut the flower spike. The spike will usually develop more buds out of a lower node if it is in the proper light. Only cut the spike when it has become brown and dry. This variety will also do very well in a light garden using four florescent tubes.

Growing your oncidium orchid in a hydroculture planter takes all the guess work out of when to water and how much. Water only when there is no water left in the outside pot. Depending upon which oncidium you are caring for will determine whether to leave it dry for a day or two between watering or if it should be watered as soon as all of the water is depleted from the outside pot.

Mix the nutrient solution as per packet directions. You may store the nutrient in a gallon plastic bottle to be used when ever it is time to water your plant. It is best to keep it at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Pour the nutrient slowly into the clay pebbles next to the water level indicator. Water until the indicator reads about half way between the "min" and "opt" level. Always be sure there is no water in the outside pot before watering again.

Once a month separate the culture pot from the outer pot and run tepid water through the clay pebbles and over the foliage to remove any dust and mineral salts that will accumulate in the root zone. Return the culture pot to the outer pot. Water as per above directions according to the variety of oncidium that you are caring for.


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