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 Hydroculture Kits


 Complete With Nutrient and Clay Pellets

A hydroculture kit is a complete set. It includes an inner growing pot or culture pot, a outer pot for holding the water reservoir, the hydroculture growing medium, a water level indicator and a years supplies of nutrient. If you would like to learn more about hydroculture, click here.

Hydroculture kits come in a wide range of sizes from 4.5" X 3.5" (diameter X depth) to 13" X 12".

 For a complete list of sizes and prices Click Here.


  • Always know when to water and how much to water.
  • Water with less frequency.
  • Less repotting.
  • Hypo-allergenic ( no soil = no mold and mildew ). Allergy sufferers can have plants too.
  • The hydro system is 100% recyclable. You can use the growing media over and over again!!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


 All Hydroculture Planters Include

  •  water level indicator
  • culture pot
  • plastic outer pot ( water reservoir)
  • fired clay medium
  • one year supply of nutrient
  • Directions
  • And Customer Service!!


 This Months Hydro - Kit Special!!