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Hi Annie,

I ordered 2 orchids on aug. 3, 2006 for my daughter-in-law
in Lubbock Tx.(west texas)(very dry weather)
these are the orchids she received
Phal. Malibu Bistro & Encyclia cochleata
Well here it is Feb 10 2007 and the last of eight blooms on the Phal. just fell off BUT in the mean time another shoot sprouted and is taller than the first and has eight more buds!

WILL IT EVER DIE! Should she now cut the first shoot back to the leaves?
Also the Encyclia cochleata has had one bloom after another since Aug.
Just a good news note to let you know how happy we are with your product
John U.


Hi Ann,

I wanted to tell you that I received my new orchids on Tuesday and I couldn't be happier! They are gorgeous and the healthiest plants I have ever seen. They shipped beautifully, not a single problem. I just love the dragonfly clips on the Phal. So cute!! Everyone in the office has commented on them and admired the plant. (I'm keeping the Paph at home, I just love it in my formal living room). They, along with me, can't wait to see the flowers when they bloom. I actually think I've converted a few to consider owning one of their own. I think that most people don't realize that there are some varieties as easy to grow as any houseplant. Thank you for all of your pre-order help. Excellent customer service like this is a rarity anymore.

Thanks again.

Take care.
-Maureen L.


Thanks! And Happy New Year to you, too. Incidentally, I love your pots. I saw on ad in the AOS Orchids magazine a couple months ago and ordered the "three for the price of two" special in one of the larger sizes. I planted three Pragmapediums in them and it is already possible to see that they are much happier than they had been before being grown in regular pots under lights in the dry house. I think one of the great virtues of your pots is for home orchid growers, who always have a problem with keeping the plants humid enough as well as wet enough--but not too wet!
Greg S.


I have been using the hydroculture system from Interior Water Gardens for the past nine years. With the help of Ann Lerman, the owner, I am successfully growing over 100 hundred orchids under lights with much less care, effort and problems then growing in what some consider the now conventional methods. I have had virtually no problems and my orchids (mostly phals, mini-catts and paphs) have bloomed successfully year after year. I have left them unattended for two weeks while vacationing with no damage. Repotting is very simple. I highly recommend this system to anyone who wants great success growing orchids or any plants with little effort.

Marcia T.

April 1999


I received both of my orders last week and potted up 6 phals. among them 2
in spike, and one in bloom...( I had to experiment)
No pause in development of spikes,,,and no damage to flowers or buds,,,I`m
convinced that this is possible ONLY with your system as there is no damage
done to the roots in the repotting process(no tamping in bark,,or shoving
sharp irregular pieces between roots.) Just pour the pellets and tap the pot,,
WOW , anyone can repot orchids now. I wish I had done this years ago. I`m a believer.
Expect more orders from me.

March 2001


Impressed so far as to how quickly you returned my call and how swiftly the catalogue I requested arrived. Thank You . I am looking forward to placing my first order

. Gene G.





DearAnn, I really like your site. I have been telling via e-mail about my success with your hydro-pot kits. Keep up the good work. I think that if you went to some shows( perhaps you already do this) with some beautiful blooming orchids in you pots that you would drum up a lot of business not only for long time orchid lovers but beginners and folks that want to grow orchids but don't have a lot of time to spend taking care of their plants. Be well and good growing, Ed C., Evanston, IL.


 I have purchased Hydro Kits from you in the past. I am pleased to tell you that a dendrobium that I transplanted into one of your kits has bloomed for me within the past two weeks. The other orchids and house plants are doing well, too.

Martina S. H.


I will gladly tell anyone on this planet all about how easy (and absolutely
miraculous!) growing orchids hydroponically is. Before this, I was the sort
of person who could even kill philodendron-I didn't have a green thumb-I had
a "Black Thumb"! Now, you go into my garden window and all you can see are
happy, healthy orchids, blooming their brains out---this is GOOD!
So bring 'em on, I'll tell my story to anyone, and I have pictures that will
make them believers in the wonders of hydroponics.

Thank you for all the help and information! Thank you too, for the wonderful condition in which every single orchid you have shipped to/for me has arrived.
I'm happy to tell you that we're creating new 'orchid-a-holics' every time I send one!
Well, as "they" say: Orchids ARE very addictive!

Stella B.


I am fond of not having to worry about watering so much! Several of my orchids are kept at work, under a skylight, but they would always dry out, and whatever I did, I couldn't keep humidity around the roots as needed. Now I don't have to hassle with it anymore! It's GREAT! I've had the plants in hydroculture for about a month now, and have only had to water ONCE! Thanks very much!
I saw your ad in an Orchids magazine and thought I'd check it out. Here I am, 60+ orchids all in hydrokits, 4 months later!

Gigi H.


Dear Good Friends: The new April orchid, Dtps. Pretty Nice 'York' AM/AOS has just opened it first glorious bloom!! It is magnificent - obviously the award plant it is cloned from!! I do thank you for this great orchid. The Miltonia I got some time back continues to hold its 3 blossoms as if newly opened!! I have been completely sold on the hydroponic culture for these plants - it is so simple. I will need another pot soon after a Phal. given me for my birthday quits blooming! I will phone in my order. I do look forward to the May offering. You put out a difficult act to follow month-after-month!! I apprediated the up-grading in my April plant - it is certainly worth that and more. No reply expected - spend your time in the greenhouse!! Sincerely, Ed
Edwin F. P., M.D.

Dear Annie,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased and happy I am with the hydroculture pots I bought from you over the Thanksgiving weekend and subsequently a few days later over the phone. My orchids are thriving. My once droopy phaelopsis and dendrobiums are bouncing back to life, and the guess work of when and how much water to use is but a memory. This watering method system has made me a fan and believer of growing orchids (and indoor plants as well) using hydroponic systems and hydroculture. I've begun to read books on the subject and study how to grow plants using the soil-less system. I'm very excited and encouraged by all I'm learning. This has made orchid growing and gardening fun once again. Now I can concentrate on "growing" plants once again and enjoy the fruits of my labor rather than worry about what to do with my plants. Thanks to you and Pilar for all your help, and know that you have a happy and satisfied customer in me. Next time I'm in Barnegat or close to you guys, I'll be sure to stop by and pick up more pots to fill up with great looking plants. Enjoy the holidays!


PS. Here's my latest blooming beauty! A zygopetalun hybrid I've transferred to a hydrocultre pot. Is she not beautiful? Hope you enjoy it as much as we are!