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Mtdm. Bartley Schwartz


Mtdm. Bartley Schwartz has striking red petals with a shell pink lip.The flower are plentiful, pleasantly fragrant and will last for more than eight weeks. The mitlonidium is a very easy rebloomer which needs very bright light with some filtered sun. Potted in 5" x 5" hydro kits.


Mtssa.C.M.Fitch `Izumi'


Mtssa.C.M.Fitch `Izumi' This plant produces beautiful large blossoms with a brassia shape and a large flared lip like a miltonia. It is also pleasantly fragrant.Potted in 5" x 5" hydro kits.





 Paph.Limelight $48


Paph.Limelight is a refreshing green and white striped paphiopedium growing in our 4.5" hydro kit. They are full beautiful plants. $48.00